About Signorelli

Signorelli Consulting Group, Inc. provides two categories of services–Entrepreneurial Guidance and Corporate Consulting.

Entrepreneurial Guidance

If you are looking for some expert guidance on improving your business or lifestyle, contact us for a free introductory session with our president, Tony Signorelli. Tony has tackled many kinds of small businesses, including small retail book store, organic farms, corporate consultancy, technical writing agency, and arts organizations. As a passion and a way to give back, he offers several methods to assist you as a small business owner with getting your business on the right track.

Free Info Sessions (Monthly)

We offer free informational sessions once a month. Advance registration is required–just use the contact form to indicate your interest. We’ll confirm.

Group Workshops

Group workshops are designed for making specific changes in your business. Various workshops are offered from time to time. We regularly offer the program Tony created years ago and has been teaching since: Cracking the Corporate Code.

  • Cracking the Corporate Code is for service providers and consultants who seek to acquire direct relationships with corporate clients. A weekly small group meeting provides guidance along the journey, and teaches each step of a five step strategic roadmap. For info, use the contact form, call us, or attend a free monthly info session.
  • New Rules of Personal Productivity teaches how to examine your own time use and identify the opportunities for dramatic improvement in productivity.
  • How to Succeed with an Assistant is a workshop focused on making the best use of assistants, be they virtual, in office, or part time. This skill is one of  the most important things a small business owner should possess.

For information on these programs, please call 651-340-2196 or inquire with the contact form.

Peer Groups

Peer groups are regular meetings with leaders of other small businesses. Peers provide experiential guidance and Tony adds expert advice. Plus, these groups break the isolation that is endemic to the entrepreneurial journey.  Peer groups include monthly meetings, once a month coonsulting meetings with Tony, and an annual retreat. Use the contact form to request an application for this program.

Individual Coaching

Successful buisness owners use a good coach–someone who can help them do what they need to do. Tony provides individual coaching to entrepreneurs and small businesses. These sessions are driven by the business owner and your place of biggest need. Info here.

Entrepreneur Networking

Finally, we organize periodic entrepeneur networking events, usually at our offices in St. Paul. We will have a schedule published, but the best way to know is to be on our mailing list.



Corporate Consulting

In addition to our entrepreneurial guidance programs, Signorelli is an innovative leader in sales force effectiveness and optimization. Using tools such as customer research, field organization assessment, process mapping, workflow analysis, the customer engagement process, and industry leading sales training methods, Signorelli helps corporate leaders get the most out of their sales organization.

From executive sales leadership to product marketers and call center managers, our clients rely on Signorelli to convert your product’s technical brilliance into business performance, even in a rapidly changing market.

Signorelli’s unique custom training development service is perfect for meeting the needs of one-of-a-kind events, like national sales meetings, product launches, global market expansion initiatives, and sales team expansion. Most training departments need to focus on their corporate charter–that’s why trainers, marketers, and sales leaders all appreciate the Signorelli approach.

Clients Rely on Signorelli

At a sales and business level, Signorelli partners with clients to:

  • Transform a national sales meeting into a B2B sales simulation event that reps will not forget
  • Analyze uneven sales team productivity so you can improve performance of the entire team
  • Diagnose causes of sales team or product underperformance
  • Train a traditionally transactional sales force to sell the new product or service as a solution

And yet, what many of our marketing and training buyers appreciate even more is our unique capabilities:

  • Master complex content quickly and retain the knowledge so we can improve efficiency over time
  • Stability in our full time team so our clients see the same faces
  • High standards of excellence in writing, clarity, production, and design
  • Organized process designed to provide clients the confidence they are in control without having to micromanage the project
  • Comfort of knowing they are in good hands, and the project really is off their plate

At Signorelli, excellence is achieved only when business results merge with an outstanding project experience for the people who work with us.

Anthony Signorelli, President

Tony Signorelli Photo

Tony Signorelli

Anthony Signorelli is an energetic consultant committed to client success who partners with organizations to improve sales force effectiveness.

As a speaker, he speaks at private and public client events on methods of improving sales force effectiveness. As an author, he contributes insight-driven articles to magazines and is working on a book on complex solutions sales. As an engaging and dynamic facilitator, he draws out transformational insights through mapping sessions, interactive learning, and cross-functional facilitation.

Tony was a featured speaker and facilitator at a national sales conference for a client attempting to sell complex solutions to hospitals. He also led a 2-year effort by an information services client to change the way it sells. Together, they developed a method of launching and supporting a new product directed at attorneys.

As a consultant through his company, Tony serves some of the largest companies in America, including Medtronic, Thomson Reuters, and Emerson Electric, as well as many smaller, entrepreneurial companies, such as Fairview Health Systems and BioSphere Medical. He’s led the company to top awards from the Society for Technical Communications in documentation and training design, and provides the consulting and facilitation services of Signorelli Consulting Group, Inc.