Digital Field Sales Management

One of the huge blind-spots for sales management has been the ability to see what reps are really doing as they perform their jobs. Reps perform in customer offices, at entertainment venues, in off-the-cuff conversations, and nearly always out of the view of their managers. This leaves the managers reduced to ride-alongs, self-reports, and CRM data and KPIs as their primary management tools. And it leaves nothing to say for the marketing director trying to successfully launch a new product through the sales team.

Tablet-based sales enablement tools are changing all that. These tools create a rep-based mobile platform for presentations, access to collateral and training, and feedback sent to the main office. Because they’re on mobile devices, they can digitally go into meetings with the reps and engage with the client. Not only are these tools functional, but reps like using them because they’re fun, modern, and sophisticated. Plus, they make the rep look good.

For management, the same tool has incredible power. When the rep uses the digitized tool in a meeting, his or her activity with the presentations, collateral, and training is recorded in the app. Sales management and marketers can get reports on what content is being used and what actually works in the field. This gives sales and marketing leaders a chance to respond, resolve, and improve sales interactions.

Unlike CRM systems which rely on self-reporting (and tend to consume a ton of rep time), the data provided by the new sales enablement tools are captured as the rep performs the job. No reporting, no data entry. Just exquisite insights into rep performance.

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