Project: Educate Customers on How to Build a Business Case


The sales force was successfully getting initial project sponsors to buy into a software-as-a-service product by selling its benefits–higher productivity, enhanced revenue, and reduced expenditures. The product also relieved a giant headache their customers regularly experienced. While they had success with the initial project sponsor, a high proportion of the deals went flat when the buyer tried to complete the internal sale to senior executives. Proposals that had looked good hit the skids, and sales were lost.


Signorelli created a detailed guide for doing the internal selling. It included checklists and worksheets for building the proper presentation, as well as guiding the customer on how to think through a business case. The final deliverable was a 14 page white paper that educated the buyers on how to effectively communicate the sale internally.


The paper drew from the years of experience Signorelli has in understanding the sales process inside customer buying organizations.

Want to See a Copy?

You can see a copy of that white paper here, on my client’s website.


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