Product Launch Suite

First year revenue goal—is there anything more important for the new product launch? Now, you can get the tools and services you need to ensure that happens. Here’s a quick overview of what Signorelli offers. For more information, use this contact form to sign up for our next product launch webinar, or schedule a private discussion.

Some key goals of product launches:

  • High quality leads
  • Leverage existing account relationships
  • Excellent launch materials
  • Win sales team buy-in
  • Post launch sales team optimization

Launch leaders who meet these four goals dramatically improve their chances of hitting their revenue number.

Qualified B2B Leads Using Artificial Intelligence

B2B buyers can be very difficult to access. Instead of using expensive business development reps, Internet profiles or ad retargeting, artificial intelligence can track specific behaviors of your targets and convert them into prospects—in higher volume and shorter timeframes than any human team.

Target Account Contacts with Supercomputing Relationship Maps

The best prospects for most launches are accounts that you already have. But who in those accounts should you pursue? Who in your organization already knows them? And once you contact them, what action are they taking to engage with you? Previously unanswerable, these questions can now be answered with big data supercomputing analytics to get your marketing and your sales team focus on the right targets.

Buying Process Insights

Details buying process maps provide the insights needed for effective automated content marketing and sales engagement planning. These maps are usually created with in-depth customer interviews and often result in dozens of pages of detailed engagement strategy. Without these maps, you could be targeting the wrong people at the wrong time, and leaving a lot of revenue on the table.

Digital Sales Optimization—Marketing and Sales Working Together

As critical as the launch event can be, nothing matters more to hitting your revenue goal than what happens after the launch event—that is, when sales rep’s feet hit the ground. Digital Sales Optimization apps create a two-way link between marketers and field sales. These apps do this in three ways:

  • Marketers can push out training, collateral, and presentations to keep everything consistent.
  • Field sales can provide direct feedback to marketers about what they need.
  • The apps track actual behavior, pair it with actual results, and provide a window into best practices.

Everything happens on a slick easy-to-use iPad or tablet-based app that sales reps like to use.

Product Launch Success Suite

So, how do you dramatically improve the chances you hit your first revenue goals? Any one of these offerings will improve your chances. All of them together virtually guarantee success.

  • Discover the buying process of your customers
  • Use artificial intelligence to build a prospect pipeline fast
  • Develop account strategies and manage relationships with supercomputing relationship analytics
  • Engage digital sales optimization apps to instill best practices and field experience as fast as possible most launch

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For more information, use this contact form to sign up for our next product launch webinar, or schedule a private discussion.





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