Entrepreneur Guidance Programs

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Cracking the Corporate Code: This six month program guides a small group of entrepreneurs through the process of planning and executing a strategy for getting into corporate, scoping projects, pricing and closing the sales, and growing the accounts. Based on the process Tony Signorelli used over twenty years to build his successful consulting practice, including clients like Medtronic, ThomsonReuters, Graco, Emerson Process Control, Cray, Merrill Corproation, and many others. Build your expertise into a high level consulting business. Tony will help you do it.

New Rules of Personal Productivity: Did you know that most small business owners can double their business by simply re-allocating 10% of their time? This half day workshop shows you how. It enables you to see your most productive activities and to re-orient your business activities to make yourself more productive. You will not only understand what to prioritize, eliminate, automate, and delegate, but also why and where your activities make the biggest difference.

How to Succeed with An Assistant: Way too many entrepreneurs have bad first experiences hirng assistants, and thereby give up one of the single most important things they can ever do to grow their businesses. They have bad experiences because they never learned the right way to utilize assistants to the benefit of everyone involved. Whether you use virtual assistants, an on site employee, or a contracted assistant, getting this right can be the difference between long term success and total burnout in a failed business.

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Individual Coaching

“Let me tell you the difference between my businesses that succeeded and those that did not. In the successful ones, I had a good coach.”
–Tony Signorelli

That’s why we now offer individual coaching to entrepreneurs. Done correctly, there is no more important relationship for a small business owner than the one with his or her coach. There are different kinds of coaches. Some have certificates but never did anything. Some have a process, but don’t actually know anything. Our approach is to bring content to the coaching experience in addition to guidance. Tony knows business after many years of working for himself. In fact, he has always worked for himself, and he brings that insight, awareness, and experience to the coaching relationship. You won’t just get a bunch of empty questions designed to help you overcome fear–you will discuss and turn over real answers to real problems, get the needed resources, and turn your business in a successful direction.

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Peer Groups

Entrepreneurial peer groups are one of the single most important pieces of a small business owner’s success. These groups have multiple benefits:

  • They enable the entrepreneur to gain different perspectives on the challenges that are facing his or her business.
  • They break the isolation so many entrepreneurs feel.
  • The provide access to years or experience from others in the group.
  • They hold you accountable to the things you need to do for your business.

…and much more. In fact, more many groups that last a long time, life long friendships are formed, and the benefits of those friendships go beyond any pricetag you could put on them.

Our program includes half day meetings once a month, individual coaching with Tony, and an annual retreat for the group. To find out more, call 651-340-2196 or use the contact form.

Entrepreneur Networking Events

We organize periodic networking events to build community and help you meet the people you need to meet. To know more about these events, sign onto our email list.

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Corporate Services

Customer Engagement Research

We provide in-depth, qualitative research interviews to discover how your customers make their buying decisions. Full service includes recruit, screen, schedule, interview, analyze, report, and administration.


Customer Journey Mapping

Facilitated mapping workshop to create a detailed customer journey map for your customers and your organization. Includes marketing (before engagement), sales engagement, and service (post sale) engagement.


Automated Marketing Strategy

Optimize the use of your installed system, whether it is Eloqua, Pardot, Marketo, or other systems. Includes engagement planning, content plan, lead scoring, and more. Create a lead development ecosystem that better qualifies your leads before handing them to sales.


Content Development

Leverage your inside or outside experts by having Signorelli custom-develop your content—training, collateral, presentations, content sets, white papers, and webinars. Available as a project, clients with an subscription save on retained content services.


Sales Training

As specialists in complex B2B sales, Signorelli trains organizations in transition. Some are moving from technical product sales to solution sales; others from transactional to complex sales; and still others from small business customers like physicians to large organizations such as healthcare systems. From online courses to executive sales simulations, Signorelli can help prepare your sales steam for the new world of B2B complex sales.

Facilitated Lead Development Workshop

In most companies, marketing and sales don’t agree on what makes a lead. Signorelli facilitates workshops to bring the two sides together to a) define a lead, b) determine metrics to qualify the lead, and c) Identify the required treatment of the lead by sales.

E-Learning and Training Development

When you have a special project or a spike in demand, Signorelli is your go-to provider. Our expertise in e-learning, job aids, and other learning materials is independent of the system: we use all the tools, including Captivate, Lectora, and Articulate. We build and develop professional training programs for restaurant staff, customer service representatives, independent consultants, and others.

Lead Scoring Program

Analyze the drivers of your customer’s buying process, and create a lead scoring system. Most companies start with basic demographics and engagement, but you can do much more, including propensity to buy.

For questions or more information on any of these services, please contact us by phone at: 651-340-2196 or write to us using our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you.