Supercomputing Analytics for Sales Enablement

When you have the privilege to work with elite supercomputing companies like we do, the experience opens new ideas and opportunities in unexpected ways. Supercomputers are the foundation of the new big data infrastructure. In a recent client project, we learned all about the underlying technology for big data analytics and applications in science, but that piqued my curiosity—how is it actually being deployed by business?

I found one very compelling answer so far—relationship analytics.

Medium- to large-sized organizations often have complex relationships. Multiple people in each organization have relationships with the other companies, and often those relationships are invisible, deeper than anticipated, and impossible to leverage. And yet, the nature of those relationships is reflected in the digital data connections between the two organizations—in emails,, LinkedIn, Facebook, and other platforms. If the data is there, it can be analyzed, and remarkable discoveries and opportunities created.

Using supercomputing analytics capabilities, relationship analytics systems can digest all that data, map the relationships, determine the depth of the relationship, and make that information available to the most relevant people in a company—managers overseeing the business relationships, and the sales teams trying to leverage and develop those relationships.

What does this mean for business? I think of it on two levels.

  • Sales teams can find and leverage existing relationships to gain access and referrals, especially for new or parallel product offerings. They can also manage relationship activity, for example, to ensure that action is being taken on a proposal, or intervene if it is not.
  • Management can track relationships, especially when an employee leaves the company, to make sure the most important relationships are tended and transferred to a new contact.

If you would like to know more, please contact me. I am happy to help you sort through the various offerings.

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