The Artificially Intelligent Digital Appointment Setter

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Although closing a big sale still requires an actual handshake, getting an appointment with the right person at the right time does not—it can be automated, and it can be executed digitally. And often, digital appointments produce better results.

A human sales person prospects in a manner similar to this:

  • Start with a profile of the target
  • Find people who fit the profile
  • Share the value proposition with the prospects
  • See how they react
  • Adjust target’s profile based on reactions
  • Find more people to fit the new profile
  • Repeat

It is amazing, but artificial intelligence can now learn the same way people do using the same feedback loops. But AI can add data and functions, and turn the process much, much faster than people ever could. The result is a huge increase in the number of qualified prospects in your pipeline.

To actually make this happen, current technology requires two key features:

  • Artificial intelligence (i.e., machine learning)
  • Supercomputing power
  • Access to and ingestion of huge quantities of data

Digital appointment setters then profile the target customer, test behaviors against that profile using internet data, and assess the target’s responsiveness. It then adjusts the profile and repeats the process until it has produced an accurate profile.

But it also takes it a step further—all the way to an individual level.

Here’s how it works: Artificial intelligence digests data to see who is in the marketplace and scores them on the probability that they’ll buy. If scored positively, it begins marketing to them using display ads.

Then, instead of serving ads every time and to every person with similar behaviors, it serves the ads in real-time to a single person who is most likely to buy.

By serving the right ad, at the right time, to the right person based on their purchasing habits and immediate desires (not general online behavior), there are far fewer irrelevant impressions, so conversion rates increase.

As a result, the marketer gets opt-in requests for meetings at a much higher rate than any human could accomplish, and those requests can be completed with an automated online scheduler that the person completes for themselves.

Today, this technology is unique and provides a huge competitive advantage. Soon enough, it will be ubiquitous, and those without it will be at a significant disadvantage. Individual sales and marketing leaders will be determining where the digital appointment setter resides in their strategy, but for most, the sooner they make a move, the better it will be.

As always, I am at your disposal for questions and discussions on this topic, and I can recommend specific providers as well. Please contact me here.

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